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Money Back Policy

Before the completed paper is sent to the customer

In case you want to cancel your order:

Order progress

Maximum amount of refund


The order has not been assigned to a particular writer


At this point you can cancel the order and get a full refund.

Order status is ‘Pending’

Up to 70%

‘Pending’ status means that the writer has already started working on the paper.

Order status is ‘Pending’ and half of the deadline has passed

Up to 50%

At this point the writer has already been working on your order for a significant amount of time, which means he/she should be compensated.

If the paper is late:

Order progress

Maximum amount of refund


The order is ‘Pending’ late or sent to you late


In the unlikely case of lateness the price will be adjusted according to the next deadline option.

(ex. if you place your order as of 2-3 days and it is late, then the price is adjusted according to the 4-7 days deadline)

If no writer has been found:

Order progress

Maximum amount of refund


Order has not been assigned to a writer


If we are not able to find a writer for your paper, we will let you know before the deadline is up, and refund the full amount of the order.

After the completed order is sent to the customer

In certain cases, the Company may provide a refund on its own discretion. The Company will investigate the case cooperating with both the Client and the Writer.

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