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Composing the Perfect Water, Noise or Air Pollution Essay

You should know a few things before you start writing a noise pollution essay. In fact, these things apply to most types of papers. You can adapt the example below to any paper (a water pollution essay, an argumentative essay about dangerous chemicals, or a persuasive paper on deforestation). In addition to doing the research, coming up with good sources and presenting the information in a clear and logical way, you need to ensure the structure of your essay meets academic writing standards. Let’s take a look at what your paper should look like – you need to add more content, of course. Feel free to use this example as a basis for your future compositions.

Causes of Noise Pollution and Its Effects on Humans

Noise pollution is described as harmful and annoying levels of noise. The source of the noise can be anything from aircraft and automobile traffic to construction projects and various festivals. It is my opinion that noise pollution has adverse effects on humans and leads to emotional, psychological and even physiological problems.

What causes noise pollution? One of the main culprits is aircraft traffic. Modern supersonic jets emit a huge amount of noise. Because airports are in, or around, cities, aircraft are forced to fly at low altitude over residential areas. This causes noise pollution, especially in cities with busy airports. For example, Atlanta International Airport sees over 1,000 flights daily. That’s almost 42 flights per hour!

The second major cause of noise pollution (as well as air pollution) is motor vehicle traffic. There are over 255 million cars in the United States and many of them are equipped with at least a 3L V6 (six cylinder) engine. The larger the engine, the more noise it produces – not to mention air pollution effects. The number of motor vehicles is on a steady rise since 1960. And let’s not forget that each car has a horn – drivers never shy away from using it without reason.

Aircraft and motor vehicles alone have the potential to cause disturbing levels of noise. This affects humans over time. Research shows that humans suffer emotional and psychological problems due to noise pollution. It is harder to concentrate and mental fatigue sets in faster than normal when people are subjected to noise pollution. Studies have also shown that the performance of school children is significantly diminished. In addition, high levels of noise pollution hamper hearing and can lead to fatal accidents. Did you know that when the noise level goes above 105 decibels, most people experience permanent hearing loss?

Bottom line, noise pollution is a pressing problem in the modern world and causes a host of problems to humans – and wildlife, in many cases. It is important to minimize this type of pollution by regulating its sources. Aircraft should be diverted from residential areas whenever possible (especially at night). Electric motor vehicles are an important step toward lowering noise pollution. Furthermore, hefty fines should be imposed on drivers who use their car horns without reason. Noise affects us all, every minute of our lives.

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