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The Example That Applies to All Globalization Topics for Essay

Writing a globalization essay is not a difficult task, as compared to writing on physics or mathematics. However, you must still do the appropriate research and write your paper in an easy to understand and concise manner. Also, you need to follow academic writing guidelines. When writing a Pros and Cons of Globalization essay – or any paper for that matter – the best structure is the five paragraph essay. You need an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Let’s see how such a composition looks like.

Does Globalization Affect Employment?

Globalization is the process by which businesses start to operate on an international scale and they develop influence on an international level. The world economy is full of globalization examples – think Apple, Microsoft, Tesco, etc. Globalization leads to the interdependence of human societies. For example, call center services are outsourced to India in many major corporations. Similarly, manufacturing is carried out in countries where labor and raw materials are cheaper (China, for example). It is my opinion that these factors directly affect employment because more and more jobs are outsourced to other, cheaper countries.

In 2013, United States companies hired around 14 million workers in overseas affiliate businesses. Technology, manufacturing, human resources and call centers are the most affected sectors. By keeping labor costs as low as possible, corporations are increasing their bottom lines. US companies are also able to sell goods overseas easier through affiliates. The cost of goods shipped back to the US is lower than the cost of producing the goods locally. This is why most companies in the world consider globalization profitable.

The problem is that by outsourcing the jobs to foreign countries such as China, India, Thailand and Taiwan, companies are increases the rate of unemployment in the United States. Without any kind of globalization, there would have been 14 million more jobs in the US in 2013. There were around 8 million unemployed at the time, so this would have led to an unemployment rate of 0% (under ideal circumstances). Nevertheless, the real-life conditions are far from being ideal.

In the real world, things are different. Many of the foreign employees are hired for local operations such as marketing, translation, contacts, etc. Also, many of the unemployed in the United States do not have the skills or education necessary to perform many of the outsourced jobs. Therefore, the unemployment rate would have never dropped to 0% even if there were no globalization. It would have been a lot better than the current 4.9 percent though.

The conclusion is that out of the 8 million unemployed in the US, hundreds of thousands would be able to perform the jobs outsourced to emerging countries. This would bring unemployment rates well below 3%. However, it would cost companies more to pay at least the minimum wages in the United States. The profits of huge corporations would plummet and their problems would reflect on many other businesses that depend on them, and even on banks. This, in turn, would have consequences for all American employees.

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