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Short Example of a Research Paper on Global Warming

Does global warming exist or not? This has been the argument for many years because there are valid points on both sides. There are many global warming research paper topics that illustrate why each side is right or wrong. This is why a global warming term paper must convince or at least describe the arguments. Below is an example of a professionally written essay on global warming.

The Effects of Global Warming on Permafrost and Glacial Communities

Global warming is having an effect on the world and has been since industry started emitting large amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere. Now we see ice caps and permafrost melting. Glacial communities that rely on glaciers for water sources are now dealing with flooding due to rapid melting. Some communities have lost their glacial water completely.

When looking at permafrost alone, the ground heaves and this causes roads to crack. In addition, the foundations and walls of homes and buildings develop cracks. The melting of ice packs also affects animal species that rely on them shelters or hunting grounds. Natives in the northern hemisphere rely on the ice packs to ensure their food supplies remain sufficient. Any change in their environment has a negative impact on their existence.

The Arctic, which is becoming smaller, is home to Barrow, Alaska. This is the northernmost U.S. City. With over 4,000 residents that rely on the resources brought to them by the environment, global warming is having a negative effect. The animals that they hunt for food are starting to move away because the climate is changing. They are also suffering greatly from the melting permafrost because homes are sinking, buildings are losing their integrity, and roads are cracking. The damage that melting permafrost is causing costs the state more than $33 million annually.

In regards to animal species, it is possible for some to adapt to the changing climate. However, it is easier for some to move away from the Alaskan citizens that rely on them. A warming climate also results in the introduction of species that are foreign to the area, which destroys the habitats of native species.

Global warming is not something that can be solved quickly. It will take some strategic planning between governments, corporations, and other entities to reduce emissions and the consumption f resources so that global warming will stop or slow down. As it stands, alternative energy sources seem to be the best course of action.


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