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Writing an Essay About Best Friend Quickly

Composing an essay on this subject shouldn’t be too difficult because you already know quite a lot about the topic – your friend. A My Friend essay does not require in-depth research of the topic. You don’t have to find facts and credible sources. When you’re writing a friend essay, you are the most credible source. You know your friend and should be able to come up with interesting information and funny examples and anecdotes. As for the format of the paper, you can freely use the example essay below. You’ll need to expand on it with your own ideas and content though.

Jane – The Anatomy of a Best Friend

We all have a best friend. Well, at least I hope all of us do. I’m sure I do, and her name is Jane. Defining a best friend is more difficult than it sounds because there are things that cannot be explained or quantified. There are no hard facts or statistics when it comes to a best friend. It does not come in a specific size or color, and doesn’t have specific sets of positive and negative attributes. A best friend is someone you can trust and who trusts you, someone who you can talk to, someone who listens to your most insignificant problems, and someone who helps you.

Jane and I met in school, during the first year of high school. We were both trying to get our sodas out of the (faulty) automatic dispensers in the hallway, so it was clear that we had a connection. We started talking and from that point on, together we were unstoppable! We are always together – at the picnic, at a party, or during a trip to the lakeside. We’ve met each other’s parents and even our families look like they’re getting along pretty well.

It’s hard to find a friend like Jane. When I was depressed over some bad grades, she was the only one who understood me. She stayed by my side and encouraged me until I found the energy to study as I used to. Thanks to her, I managed to bring my grades back up and turn things around. This is just an example of how Jane has helped me cope with difficult or sad situations throughout the years. She will always be there for me, and the most important thing is that I am aware of this.

Did we ever fight? We sure did! However, people often have divergent ideas. Also, people react unpredictably when sad or angry. However, people like Jane and me also know how to apologize and admit our mistakes. This is why a fight has no chance of ever breaking our friendship.

I am grateful to have a best friend like Jane in my life. I wish everyone would have his or her own Jane. The world would probably be a better, warmer and happier place. Our friendship was not planned. A best friend finds you and you find her; this is how life works. Thank you for being there for me, Jane!


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